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The logo for the 30th International Young Physicists Tournament (IYPT 2017) is centred in the outline of its host country - Singapore. Two knights, confronting each other, represent the spirit of "physics fight" in IYPT. While the "armed knights" have been an integral part of the tournament identity since 1980s, they are specially modified to bring out the unique Singapore elements. The lion and tiger are inspired by the National Coat of Arms of Singapore, which symbolise the courage and determination of young physicists. A silhouette of the Singaporean icon - Merlion - replaces the "i" in the word "Singapore". The main colour in this logo, red, is not only the national colour of Singapore, but also sets the tone for IYPT 2017: this is a platform for young physicists all around the world, the one for all their enthusiasm and passion.

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